About Me

moment of giggling abandon

I want to be remembered most for this….laughing.

Learning, Growing, Trying to step around the dung…

I am a middle-aged goddess who has found her self smack dab in the middle of the great question: “What Now”?  I am a wondering writer.  Getting published requires work yet to be done – hence the blog.

I have raised three daughters who are independent and brilliant; which both is disconcerting and admirable.  They are the best of me that I have offered to this world!

I share my life with my mate, my hubs, of 15 years, David.  He is a musician and avid music lover.  Me?I’m just his greatest fan. We both have had jobs in the IT field; he had the career, I held the j.o.b.’s. Together we have traveled on a journey through his disease called myelodysplasia w/fibrosis and Acute Myloid Leukemia. This long journey brought us to finding a bone marrow donor. He has had great success with this for four years!  Until now. Pancreatic adneno-carcinoid.   It’s been challenging, disheartening and a bunch of great BIG LOVE.

Between us we have TEN grandchildren.  I call it Happy Chaos!

Explore this great big beautiful world through the words of my heart which will likely change from day-to-day.  I’m not a deep thinker but I have ample passion along with my ample curves.  This is actually for my/our well-being.  But if you happen to stumble upon my blog, I hope that it will feed your soul in some way too.

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  1. Dana Palomo
    Jul 09, 2012 @ 16:09:38

    I’m so glad to find your blog. My husband Jeff, was diagnosed with Primary Myelofibrosis in September 2011. We live in Jacksonville Florida. We have one of the Mayo Clinics here. We have 2 donors lined up and a few Pulmonary tests later this month and we should be given a transplant date. Its been a rough 10 months and I think I did really well until February of this year. I think I’m going thru a depression. I dont want to do any of the things I used to do . I have gained 40 pounds since Feb and feel horrible. I am going thru that cycle you talk abount in your blog. Too tired to sleep, too tired to execise(I was riding my exercise bike 10 miles a day while reading, doing stomach crunches and I have a totoal gym i was using) that vicious circle you talk bout. I know this is just the start of being the caretaker. We have no family here in FL. We moved here almost 6 yrs ago. My 16 yr daughter ( from former marriage)lives with us. We have been married 7 yrs. I feel like I handled everything well for the first few months and maybe I’m having Delayed overwhelming feelings. My husband asks no questions. He relys on what I tell him. He seems to be ok with whatever comes and I have a differnt personality. I want to know everything. I even look up doctors to what their qualifications are and how long and where they have practiced. He went back to school at 50 to be a truck driver something he has always wanted to do. He worked for only 3 months before Mylo was found. He thought he may have a small case of Pnemonia and was run down. He had actually found a hard mass in his side months earlier but did not tell me. Of course when he went in to see the doctor they did blood tests and he told them about his side which turned out to be his Spleen enlarged, a dead give away that occurs with some forms of Lukemia. He also had some nose bleeds we thought were caused from working in the northern states where the weather is so different from the southern states. So now looking back we can see alot of the signs and found other things to blame them on. I know i’m going on and on, I’m just so glad to find your blog and see that we are not alone in this disease and maybe i’m not going crazy as I see you are feeling some of the same things I am. My name is Dana Palomo. I am following your blog and would love to converse with you if you like. I know ther will be some days that you will not be able to get on as I am finding this out too. Between the dr appts and meds I work a full time job. I would like to tell you other things at a later date maybe about the Jakafi he is taking and some of problems with the insurance company we have expierenced. Maybe you have some of the same issues. Thanks so much for your online page.

    Dana Palomo



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