Sometimes dontcha just wannna say “Muck it!”

Greetings Muckrakers

My oh my how things change in such a short time.  As of this writing I am a full-fledged working girl again!  I was discovered by a recruiter in KC who had a client – A BIG CLIENT mind you – who was looking for someone to fill in for about three months to support some iSeries apps.  Apparently my resume, my charming dispositi0n and my uncanny ability for BS has served me well.  I’ve been unemployed for almost 10 months now.  While I had finally resigned myself to the fact that this was totally none of my doing or timing – that in fact I should be unemployed so I can take care of my guy – there were moments …… OK there were like milleniums of moments where I worried about not working, not making an income and never being HIRE-ABLE again. I was at the point where all I could say was

“muck it!”  

Eventually all that negative energy eventually oozed from my soul and allowed me to focus on Dave rather than on the state of my livelihood.  I believe greatly in the freedom to allow your restless heart a chance to take a break from all the muck of negativity and allow yourself a break to simply just BE.  I also believe that turning your attention on to someone else who needs your love and devotion allows you to step out of your own self – get away from YOU.  Right?  You know how that feels don’t you?  Oh please someone out there – can I hear an AMEN?  Don’t you ever just get sick of being YOU.  I mean me.  Sick of me. Yes I go through cycles.  But once I let all that crap go, someone out there in the Karma world thought I was pretty ok and decided to hire me!~  Well I’ll be dipped in muck!

So children, my MANTRA currently is:

For today…

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A universal mantra we should all follow

Repeat this over and over quietly to yourself, or loudly in the car or whisper it in your head…but repeat it often.  Wrap your love in God, wrap your love in you.

Sometimes just  - 'be'

Empty your head and just be



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