Meandering thru the Muck

Gasp! My first blog:

Hello Blogging Buddies and Curious Creatures:

Brezhnev-y Brows

men can grow some amazing brows

Posting my first blog.  Nervous.  Excited.  Overwhelmed.  VULNERABLE.

The longing to blog about my heart’s desires has been a process in the making, but mostly in my own mind.  I’ve realized smack dab in the middle of my life – I have come to some realizations about the muck of life… so emphatic that I felt it was necessary to share.

For instance, did you know that as men age they truly do get handsomer.  No fair.  But they also grow hair where there wasn’t much before i.e their ears, their nose, their necks, their Brezhnev-y like eyebrows. Women on the other hand, tend to look a bit more – well, OLDER.  But the benefit we experience on the aging process is that we barely have to shave anymore.  I shave once a week now.  And that’s only because of an obligation to my female self to be hairless where we’ve been indoctrinated to be.  So my younger, hairier sisters, do not despair.  One day you too will be able to give up the razor and spend more time not giving a damn!

Other meanderings of my mind:

Muck is such a great word!  It is also synonymous with dung, manure, mire, mud, waste, trash and so on.  Although I would prefer to listen to the more perkier side of my mind…I find myself meandering through the muck of life.  My blog will be an attempt to share some tidbits that I find amusing while fulfilling that part of me that still thinks she’s a writer.  I also believe that blogging is a positive way to journal what ails ya!   I’ll cover personal struggles such as my eternal quest to find serenity within my self.  I’ll likely discuss often my chronic crusade to  lose this excess weight that tends to envelop me like a soft, fluffy comforter.  My fat – at times a comfort to me because it’s all I know; other times – too much and too warm.  Hmm.  Reminds me of some people I know who are wonderful to be around for a while, but wear out their welcome if they stay too long.  Yup, that’s my fat-an endearing old aunt that you love but don’t want to visit for more than a day or two.  Other personal topics will be wind driven  whatever blows in to this brain of mine from the land of the Southwind.  Topics: Middle-age women who think they are still 30 in their mind but don’t look it or act like it; Beautiful, accomplished daughters who are growing up to be exactly what you have prepared them in life for, but you don’t like it…not one damn bit; Unemployed past 50 – are there really that many of us; Battling the bitch syndrome; and finally no blog can be complete without the articulation of a recovering drug addict, yes that is me. Discuss amongst yourselves.  I’ll get more coffee.!

sometimes I feel like this

"hey I need to axe you a question"

Topic closest to my heart:

I share my life with a wonderful man named David.  He was recently diagnosed with myelofibrosis-a conniving, rare disease that has reared its ugly head upon our lives.  The disease is a bone marrow deficiency in that Dave doesn’t produce enough strong, numerous red blood cells in his marrow to allow him to function like us ‘abnormal’ folks do.  Therefore,  he is pin-cushioned twice weekly to monitor his RBC’s, hemoglobin, WBC’s, and platelets checking the levels so that he doesn’t go anemic on me or god forbid cut himself and bleed like a stuck… [insert object here]!!  Henceforth, my man is sporting a beard now.  “Shaving is a no-no when your platelets are too low”.  Chicca chicca boom!  Dave will be a recipient soon for a bone marrow transplant.  God willing and the creek don’t rise…

So thanks for tuning it.  I’ll write often and love you longer.


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